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The geochemical toolbox provided by US Geochemical is diverse in order to provide the most appropriate solution to any particular oil and gas exploration program. Not all methods work everywhere and each geochemical signature is as unique as the reservoir from which it is derived. Therefore, US Geochemical has tools available to determine which multi-parameter set is best suited for an area.

New multivariate Hydrocarbon Suite $130 (US) per sample.

Total Hydrocarbon Flux

UVVis Hydrocarbon Analysis

Extracted Hydrocarbon Analysis

Reducing Hydrocarbon Analaysis

$40 (US) per sample for a multivariate analysis!

Including UVVis Hydrocarbon Analysis

As one of the three major natural resources, along side air and water, soil is vital to the existence of life on earth. will help you discover what soil is, the teeming life in soil, and about the many environmental threats facing soils.

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