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Geochemical Analysis for Oil and Gas Exploration

Surface Exploration Technology Contractors List

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ChemTerra International

  • direct hydrocarbon methods


  • argon ratios and direct hydrocarbon methods

DMT Technologies, LLC.

  • high resolution Magnetotellurics for direct hydrocarbon detection

Environmental Biotechnologies, Inc.

  • microbial surveys for petroleum exploration

Exploration Technologies Inc.

  • direct detection methods for oil and gas exploration

Geochemical Solutions International

  • geochemical surveys and spec surveys for oil and gas exploration

GeochemTech Inc.

  • geochemical surveys with Goresorber method


  • providing surface hydrocarbon surveys

GeoMicrobial Technologies, Inc.

  • providing surface microbial and hydrocarbon surveys

US Geochemical

  • hydrocarbons, microbial, magnetic susceptibility, spectral reflectance, EM surveys
  • surface exploration consulting and data analysis since 1995.

GrayStone Exploration Labs

  • quality Iodine analysis for hydrocarbon exploration since 1982.

J.P. Land Associates, Inc

  • micromagnetic and magnetic susceptibility surveys and interpretation for petroleum exploration

Meers Microseep Surveys

  • magnetics and radiometric surveys

MicroPro Gmbh

  • providing microbial surveys for 30 years in Middle and Eastern Europe

Microseeps Environmental Services

  • providing geochemical sampling, analytical, and geophysical services since 1984.

Pangea Inc.

  • providing offshore geochemical sampling and geophysical services since 1994.

Petro-Find Geochem Ltd

  • soil gas detection

Pinemont Technologies Inc.

  • Electro Tellurics

Southeastern E & P Services

  • direct hydrocarbon detection

Taxon Biosciences Inc.

  • bacterial DNA analysis for hydrocarbon exploration

TDI-Brooks International

  • off-shore hydrocarbon sampling and heat flow studies

US Radar

  • ground penetrating rada systems and software

Vista Geosciences

  • specializing in soil gas

W. L. Gore

  • direct hydrocarbon method


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